Spanish lessons for companies

Classes for Companies (all year round):

Course Description: ELE (Spanish as a Foreign Language) classes tailored to the needs of businesses at different levels. For each level, we will design a specific study plan for employees, focusing on the linguistic skills most relevant to their work environment. We will use appropriate materials and resources for each level. Our focus will be on developing communication skills in business contexts, such as presentations, negotiations, email communication, phone calls, and report writing. In addition, we will incorporate practical exercises and simulations of work situations to strengthen confidence and fluency.

Classes will be adapted to the objectives and needs of the company, providing relevant materials and interactive activities to encourage active participation from the employees.

Employees will acquire the necessary skills to communicate effectively in a business environment, thus improving their ability to interact with Spanish-speaking clients, partners, and colleagues.

Contact us for more information. Flexible schedules and classes tailored to the company's needs. Individual or groups up to 10 people: €45/h